Reasons to volunteer/partner with us:

  • Be part of the solution
    One person can make a difference and you could be the one person who has the idea to make us better. We are equipped to support a vibrant and diverse community. Be a part of an organization where people are supported, valued, and empowered.
  • Level up professional skills
    Because AGS has many facets, you have the ability to learn transferable new skills that will make you a better leader, team member, and manager in your own workplace. You can invest in your career while lifting others up.
  • Pay it forward
    As a volunteer, you will have the chance to work with incredible people who can help shape your professional experiences. You will always get the vote of confidence you need to continue to move forward in your life. You can also give what you receive.
  • Be empowered to be your best
    A God Send is passionate about helping people reach their full potential. When people feel empowered, they believe in themselves and it shows. As a volunteer, you become a part of the vision. We want to see you be successful too.

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