Mary Mattie Lou Clark Lemons

Her Church Service

Born October 17, 1923, Mary Clark Lemons was the oldest of seven children on their farm in Marian, Mississippi. Daughter of a pastor, the Lord was strong in her life from the time she was a child. In 1941, she attended Alcorn State University and received her teaching degree. Not long after she graduated from Alcorn, she met and married Mack Rossie Lemons.

Her heritage took the form of work in action as she served the Lord with her husband. She evangelized during revival, taught Sunday School and was the consummate pastor’s wife. She was the impetus and the driving force for all ministries within the church. She was active as the 1st Lady, developing new ministries and reviving old ones. Because of her passion for all people, she started a Day Care at the church and worked as the Assistant Director. She was also a school teacher in District 189.

Her Community Service

Her service was not just in church. She spearheaded many community outreaches through the church. She embraced the community where she lived; had picnics in the park, was a source of support to the elderly and a role model to the youth and young adults. Jesus was her foundation and she talked about Him everywhere she went in the very outgoing and giving way that she lived her life. Her house was always a place of refuge; it did not matter if you were member of the church or not. There were often people living with her to get back on their feet. She walked in kindness and pushed for excellence for her and her family.

She battled with the symptoms and the medical issues brought on by lupus the last years of her life. Her desire to help those who were not able, for any number of reasons, to help themselves is the foundation and launch pad for this scholarship. It is our hope that though her life is over, the essence of how she lived will be remembered through the lives of those who are touched by this grant.

This scholarship is awarded to those who have, for any number of reasons, found themselves in a live-in rehabilitation program and successfully completed the program. We step in when they are ready to graduate. We try to facilitate the next steps to help them be successful. We want to help them plan for a new start so they don’t return to the center they just graduated from nor any another. The Fresh Start Program funds:

  • 1
    Resume Design
  • 2
    Job Search Assistance
  • 3
    Interview Training
  • 4
    New Outfit
  • 5
    Hair Style / Cut

How to Become a Fresh Start Recipient

Be Nominated

It is not enough for you to think you should receive the scholarship. All Candidates for the Fresh Start Scholarship must be nominated by their center, institution or program. We will contact the representative.

Nomination Form

Complete the Application

The Fresh Start Application team reviews applications to be awarded annually. These applications come from centers all over Duval, Clay and Bradford Counties. We hope our application process - while challenging - is straightforward.

Application Form

Determine Eligibility

The Fresh Start Scholarship has eligibility requirements and individual standards that must be verified. You must prove you are in 100% compliance with both the requirements and the standards for applicants. Our standards are set.

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Verify Dates

The dates in the application process are firm. We will not accommodate requests for changes or extensions to the dates. Please review the dates carefully before applying. If you miss the deadline, the application will not be processed.

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The Eligibility Requirements

In order to make sure you qualify to apply for the scholarship, please read each section.

  • At the time you apply, you must be at a maximum of six (6) months from completing the program.
  • You must be a U.S. citizen (or a U.S. national) or expected to receive your citizenship by the date the Scholarship will be awarded.
  • You have participated in one or more community service-related activities. These activities could have been organized by the center you are in but, do not have to be.
  • You are interested in how you can give back to the community at any level.
  • You have a clear plan for how you will make better choices for your life.
  • You have the confidence, diligence, and conviction needed to contribute to your commitment.
  • You have begun the employment search
  • You can contribute to the design of your resume.
  • You are ready to work on your interview skills.

The Individual Standards

A desire to further your education

Have a solid support team in place

Have a mentor/counselor

Have a plan
to give back

Have a place of residence

Fresh Start Application Process Dates

All dates apply to the awarding year.

Miles Dates
Application Deadline April 17
Finalist Confirmation July 17
Finalist Posting July 24
Finalist Interviews August 1 - September 15
Recipient Selection October 1
Scholarship Award October 17

Mentorship and Counseling

We are looking for Individuals / Businesses

We are looking for Individuals / Businesses

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    If you are a counselor and you would like to send a proposal click here for the Counselor RFP.

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    If you are a life coach and you would like to send a proposal click here for the Life Coach RFP.

  • 3

    If you are a Hair Stylist/Barber and you would like to send a proposal click here for the Hair Services RFP.

You Can Get Involved

Volunteer and/or recommned someone for the scholarship.

We hope you are inspired by this progam. If you would like to donate to its success, you can do so here.
If you would like to volunteer to be a counselor, a mentor, or be a part in any other way, please fill out this form and we will get in touch with you as soon as we can.