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    Empowerment Initiative Funding Guidelines

    PURPOSE: Empowerment Initiative is A God Send’s (AGS) vision for supporting outside resources
    who provide services that we do not offer in-house. Its objective is to:

    • 1) provide funds to support organizations who provide venues that encourage, inspire and inform,

    • 2) create partnerships that lead to a greater reach for the services A God Send provides, and

    • 3) participate in activities that enable people to improve their quality of life in a way that we don’t

    NOTE: A representative/Executive Director of AGS must be in attendance at the event at no cost to A God Send.

    FUNDS: Empowerment Initiative funding is intended to supplement the efforts of the submitting organization, not completely fund the
    activity. These funds should act as grants for the event with the goal that the submitting organization will have success. It is our hope
    that your event will ultimately be able to support itself. Funding is intended for future events (events that have already taken place will
    not be considered). Once funding is approved, the follow-up forms will be mailed with the check to the submitting organization.

    REQUEST FOR FUNDS: For profit organizations, non-profit organizations, and those with a personal business may request funds by completing and submitting the following online request form. The staff of A God Send will review requests for funds and notify applicants of their status. We strongly encourage anyone who wishes to receive funds to submit their request as soon as they have all the information as the funds are limited each year and awarded on a first come, first served basis.

    NOTE: Please make sure you receive an email confirmation from the AGS acknowledging receipt of your application in order for your request to be considered.

    FUNDING PRIORITIES: A God Send has established that there will be no funding priority. As long as your organization qualifies in terms of the purpose and the desired outcome of your event, funds will be given. Please know that the funds are not intended to replace regularly budgeted events. You are not excluded from applying again if you have been funded in the past, however, you will have to show why there are no funds available since this is a reoccurring activity.

    PROMOTION: Sponsorship/Grants have to be a give-and-take relationship. As a part of out marketing budget, we have to get as much bang as we can for our buck. Please be prepared to indicate what we will get in return for providing funds for your event.

    EVENT DETAILS: The events defined under Empowerment Initiative would include, but not limited to, retreats, conferences, seminars, luncheons/dinners, and continuing education lectures. The submitting organization should provide a much detail as possible so AGS can support the marketing effort and help increase awareness of the event.

    METRICS FOR SUCCESS: In order to assist AGS in determining the success of Empowerment Initiative, as well as helping you determine the success of your event; there is a form that must be completed before your event is held, and a follow-up reporting form after the event.

    NOTE: Funding will not be granted in the future to organizations that fail to provide their follow-up reporting forms.

    At A God Send, Inc. our primary focus is to facilitate the advancement of our community, our society and the world by providing scholarships, sponsorship and partnership.

    You have to look at who is at the table and who is not at the table. Then reflect on who is not represented when you are making decisions.

    You don’t have to tell us all the reasons why this might not work. You should focus on telling us all the ways it could work.

    This is AGS

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