Fresh Start Scholarship

This scholarship was founded in memory of Mary Mattie Lou Clark Lemons. Her desire to help those who were not able, for any number of reasons, to help themselves is the launch pad for what we do through this venue. It is our hope that though her life is over, the essence of how she lived will be remembered through the lives of those who are touched by this grant. For more information, please check the website. We have been able to identify perspective recipients and we are making contacts to find more. We have identified some coaches and counselors, but we are still looking for more. We have a RFP for counselors and a RFP for coaches. If this is you, please read them and see if you would like to participate. If this is not you, please forward them to someone you know. If you would like to help us with the screening process or any other of the many things that must be done before the award ceremony in October, let us know.

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