Fiscal Sponsorship Policies and Procedures

A God Send requirements for fiscally sponsored projects


  • A

    Fund Request Q & A

    • Q1.When do I have to submit documentation of expenses with my fund release request?
      For all fund release requests, you will be asked to provide documentation for your expenses. A God Send reserves the right to request additional documentation if what is provided is insufficient.
    • Q2.How do I submit my fund release documentation?
      Documentation can be submitted by uploading a document as an attachment to the fund release request form. You can also send documentation to us by email to or by fax to 904-272-5603.
    • Q3.What kinds of documents are considered appropriate documentation of expenses?

      a. Documentation can be in the form of:

      • copies of signed invoices or signed contracts,
      • quotes for goods/services,
      • letters of agreement,
      • screenshots of items you are looking to purchase,
      • even emails from your payees confirming their service to your project and their payment amount.

      b. We cannot accept:

      • spreadsheets,
      • budgets,
      • bank statements,
      • check images,
      • Venmo, PayPal and other bank transfer statements.

      If you have any questions about whether the documents you have on hand would be sufficient, feel free to ask us at

    • Q4.Why do you require fund release documentation?

      a. It is considered a best practice of fiscal sponsors to provide oversight for the funds processed through their fiscal sponsorship programs. The oversight is necessary to confirm that the funds are being used for appropriate expenses related to the charitable activities that were approved by the fiscal sponsor’s Board. A charity cannot spend funds for purposes unrelated to their mission, so a fiscal sponsor needs to make sure the funds released to its fiscally sponsored projects are being used in a charitable way.

      b. A God Send provides oversight in three ways:

      • We require a breakdown of expenses when the funds are requested.
      • We require fund release documentation.
      • We require monthly and annual reports from anyone who has released funds throughout the year.
  • B

    Grant Application Review Procedure

    • 1

      All grant proposals and letters of inquiry (LOIs) must be reviewed and approved by an A God Send staff member prior to submission to the funder. Only once we’ve signed off on your proposal will we be able to issue any materials required from A God Send by the funder. We ask for 15 business days to review all grant applications and may need to charge a rush fee for expedited review.

    • 2

      Make sure that you have met A God Send’s grant eligibility requirement before seeking grant funding.

    • 3

      When you have identified an appropriate source, you should email the following documents and information to so that we can begin the review process:

      • Full contact information for the funding source, the application deadline, and a link to the funding source website (if available)

      • Any and all application forms and cover letters (or the LOI)

      • The completed narrative sections and projected budgets

      • A list of any and all required supplemental documents (Board of Directors, Audited Financials, etc.)

      • Your “ask” amount along with the funding source’s average or typical grant amount

      We need to have this information on hand because, in many cases, we are the applicant of record and must be prepared to answer any questions if contacted by the funder about your proposal.

    • 4

      Once we have reviewed everything and you have made any necessary changes, we will send the documents required from A God Send in order to complete the application as PDF attachments. These materials could include any or all of the following:

      • Endorsement letter – this certifies that you are fiscally sponsored by A God Send and provides our contact information in case the funder needs to get in touch with our staff for any reason.

      • IRS determination letter – this is what confirms that A God Send is a nonprofit organization and is typically required for grant applications.

      • Financial statement

      • Form 990 – the tax document that nonprofits file with the IRS

      • Info about our board of directors

      Organization budget

  • C

    Donation Grid


      • 1

        We can accept almost any type of donated, noncash item for the purposes of a project and issue a receipt to the donor for the item.

        Type of Transaction Fully Deductible Partially Deductible Not Deductible
        Donation of Cash or Cash Equivalents
        Donation of Physical Property
        Purchase of Benefit Tickets, Auction Items, etc.
        Donation of Services
        Type of Noncash Donation Fully Deductible Not Deductible-Fractured Atlas cannot accept
        Tangible items: Food, Equipment, Gift Cards, anything you can touch with your hands
        Donation of Rent or Space
        Donation of Person’s Time
        Donation of Services – This Includes Rental Equipment
      • 2

        But there are some exceptions:

        • Time/Services
          • The IRS does not consider time or services tax-deductible. This is mainly because it’s difficult to determine the fair market value of both time and services, and we are therefore unable to offer a tax receipt for these kinds of donations

        • Rented Property/Space
          • Donations need to be considered “full interest” in order to be tax-deductible by the IRS, meaning that full ownership is donated to the recipient. Because ownership of rented spaces and loaned property remains with the donor, and they are not donating “full interest” in the donated item, these donations are not considered tax-deductible according to the IRS.

        • Airline Tickets/Miles and Vehicles
          • Because of complex restrictions placed by the IRS, A God Send is not able to process donations of these items in accordance with IRS regulations.

  • D

    Form List

    • 1

      Financial Donation Report

    • 2

      Major Gift Letter

    • 3

      Non-Cash Donation Letter

    • 4

      Donation of Property Report

    • 5

      Regions bank Direct Deposit Form

    • 6

      Fund Request Form

    • 7

      Template for Grant or Letter of Inquiry

    • 8

      Template for Cover Letter for Grant Proposal

    • 9

      Proof of Sponsorship Request Form

    • 10

      Nonprofit Rate Eligibility Request Form

    • 11

      Request for W9/Donation Invoice