Fiscal Sponsorship Application

    Project Information

    Remember, the term "project" is used very broadly and may refer to either a one-time project or an ongoing project.

    Regardless of how you are classified as a legal entity, you must be recognized by your state as a non-profit organization.

    This must be the certification of your non-profit status from your state.

    * A temporary project is a single endeavor with a starting point and ending point.

    * An ongoing project is just that. One where you do not forsee the project ending.

    These descriptions are very important! Our Board will review this more closely than any other part of the application.

    * For temporary sponsorship, you would describe a single project.

    * For ongoing sponsorship, give a general description of the kind of work you create or various projects you plan to produce.

    Fiscal Sponsorship Application

    Financial Information

    If none put N/A

    * If your project is temporary, base your numbers on projections for the total duration of the project.

    * If your project is multi-year or ongoing, please provide annual estimates.

    *Helpful hint:A budget is simply a plan for acquiring and spending funds to achieve specific goals by a certain time. No budget or plan is perfect, and no one can precisely predict the future. Think of your budget as a tool you can use to identify the financial transactions needed to reach the goals you have set. Be thoughtful and try to be accurate, but don't overextend yourself completing this.



    Contributed Revenue

    Individual Donations

    Artist/Technician Fees

    Foundation Grants


    Corporate Grants

    Rent & Utilities


    Travel & Transportation

    Earned Revenue

    Admission & Ticket Sales


    Tution & Workshop fees



    General Overhead & Administration


    Total Revenue

    Total Expenses

    If you do not have a budget to upload at this time. Please send it via email.

    If no, put N/A

    If no, put N/A

    Fiscal Sponsorship Application

    Marketing Information

    If no, put N/A

    All sponsored projects will be set up with a public profile on our website - this should be a general description of you and what you hope to accomplish. You can also provide a link to your website if you have one. This will reamain on our website throughout your sponsorship.

    A tagline is a brief, one-line description of your fiscally sponsored project. It is limited to 100 characters and will appear under your project title on your project’s public profile. You could also think of it as a catchy subtitle for your project.

    A God Send is committed to equal opportunity in the assignment of this sponsorship. We do not discriminate in any program or activity on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, age, national origin, disability, marital status, or any other protected class.The information provided in this application shall not be shared to anyone else and is kept confidential.