AGS Empowerment Initiatives


A God Send is not just our name but who we choose to be. We believe the ability to reduce criminal or offensive behavior is not remedied by incarceration alone, but rather by “targeting the changeable characteristics”. We believe programming that empowers self-esteem and compassion for self and others is necessary to change a life. We fund the discounted cost for organizations who are willing to provide the coaching needed so offenders will have value in the world and a purpose in their community.

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Though the family is the foundation for the world; individuals make up families. There are times when individuals face difficulties and need intervention. We fund the discounted cost for organizations who provide counseling to individuals and families. The counselors must understand the many factors that affect individuals and therefore families, like environment, trauma, and social culture. They must also have systems and programs in place that can help mediate the detrimental factors and help families learn to cope with their issues as individuals and as a unit.

Counseling Application


We support retreats that are designed to help those who work to support the betterment of others. The retreat should be designed for the purpose of resting but also reenergizing. The organizations we would partner with would need to have spiritual retreats that have various themes that reinforce Christian values, principles, and scriptural understanding. They may be a group of individuals or a defined organizational group.

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We partner with organizations to present conferences to the community. These conferences should provide innovative ideas and new information for the purpose of providing:

  1. Academic enrichment
  2. Business development
  3. Non-profit resources
  4. Spiritual foundation and commitment
  5. Physical and Mental Health Resources
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In business, you can never be afraid to “break bread” with people – colleagues, clients, or any other potential collaborators. We believe luncheons are a wonderful and effective way to do business. Over a meal, you can relax, really get to know people by moving from business to social topics, and, ultimately, build relationships and create positive experiences that can become lasting memories. We support these types of events for networking, brainstorming and cultivating new ways to help, but require that they be from a faith-based perspective..

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If you would like a mentor, coach or counselor, we want to hear from you to see if you qualify. We also want to hear from you to partner for educational venues. Please

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