Our Projects

There are many areas you can give to

Fresh Start

We provide a scholarship designed to facilitate the new life an individual who has successfully graduated from a live-in program addressing addiction, violent offending, general offending, and sex offending.

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Fiscal Sponsorship

We provide sponsorship and organizational support to non-profits who do not yet have a 501(c)(3). We need more charities because there are so many needs in the community. Supporting another charity helps us fulfill our vision

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A God Send is not just our name but who we choose to be. We believe crime and violence committed is not remedied by incarceration alone, but rather by “targeting the changeable characteristics of offenders”. We fund the coaching.

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The family is the foundation for the world. There are times when families face difficulties and need intervention. We fund organization who provide the counseling to at risk families. The counselors understand the many factors that affect families.

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Empowerment Project

Through our Empowerment Program we provide support to other Non-Profit Organizations. Change happens with a thought. When the thought is cultivated and contemplated, the thought becomes a visualization. Once difference can be visualized, a plan of action can be identified. Once the plan of action is identified it can be employed. Once employed, the thought has created a change. That change can go from being small and fleeting to large and sustained. A God Send is a faith-based organization. We focus our efforts on the development and empowerment of systems that help change happen. We want to have retreats, seminars, conferences etc. that facilitate enhanced thought processes, growth, vision, self-identification, fulfillment and most of all empowerment.

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The Place of Refuge

People who are in periods of transition in their lives (i.e. adjusting to the pressures of adulthood, starting a new career, marriage, becoming a parent, retirement etc.) can feel blocked and stifled. Being able to remove themselves from the present environment can be extremely beneficial. This place will help them gain a different perspective and silence the noise. Here they will be able to weigh the decisions about the next steps in their lives. I pray they will also spend time with the Lord and seek His guidance.

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Benefits of Partnership & Sponsorship

When you become a partner or a sponsor, you have a unique opportunity to specifically target the project or activity you want to support. We are grateful for your passion for our mission and desire to work with us to make a difference. We can not repay you for your gifts, but we can show our appreciation.

Why is Donating to A God Send (AGS) Important?

1. Your donation helps AGS accomplish our goals. We:

  • Connect community both locally and beyond. We design our programs to understand, anticipate, and satisfy the needs and expectations of our community in a timely, cost‐effective and value‐added manner.
  • Inspire leaders by leading by example. At A God Send, we look for programs that encompass entrepreneurial behavior. We understand that we cannot make a difference without prudent risk‐taking. We seek to foster an atmosphere of respect and empowerment.
  • Foster communication by making AGS a collaborative effort. We share information to fulfill the vision of other organizations and in doing so, we fulfill our vision.
  • We train and develop those who partner with and volunteer with us on any level and in any capacity. We provide training and educational programs to develop technical, project management, interpersonal, communication, and leadership skills.

2. Your donation helps us fulfill the vision of our programs

We have three main activities that are the foundation for what we do. Your nonprofit donation will help us empower, provide scholarship and create unity in the community.

  • Scholarship ‐ We provide a scholarship awarded to an individual who has successfully graduated from a live‐in program addressing addiction, violent offending, general offending, and sex offending that also works to improve the person’s cognitive skills. Once their time is completed, we will give them the opportunity to get the practical support for their journey into a new life.
  • Fiscal Sponsorship ‐ Fiscal sponsorship is often used by newly formed nonprofits that need to raise money during their beginning phase, before they are recognized as tax‐exempt under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3). AGS, as their fiscal sponsor, enables them to attract funding for operations that will, through AGS, be tax‐ deductible to their donors.
  • Empowerment ‐ We focus our efforts on the development and empowerment of systems that help change happen. We want to have retreats, seminars, conferences etc. that facilitate enhanced thought processes, growth, vision, self‐identification, fulfillment and most of all empowerment. We know that we cannot do it alone. We also serve as a donor to other likeminded organizations.

3. You are mission‐driven.

You know there is a need for AGS’ mission, and you know we do good work.”

4. You can trust our organization.

We have been in existence since 2003. You can believe we will use your gift to stabilize or our expand programming. You can believe in our mission. When you start to give, you will continue to give because we will continue to prove we are worthy of your trust and commitment. We are transparent and dependable. When we say we are going to do something, we are true to our word.

5. You get to see the impact

We let you know the impact of your giving by sharing program outcomes. We know when out donors feel their gift has a direct impact on improving a situation, they feel empowered. We share specifics about what your gifts support. We provide detailed information about what we are accomplishing as a direct result of your donations because we want you to give with confidence.

6. You have a personal connection to our cause

You can find someone you know who has benefitted from AGS’ work. For many donors, charitable giving is highly personal. Donors who give because they’ve seen our impact firsthand are incredible advocates for our cause. We believe you will have the same reaction

7. You want to be part of something

You get the opportunity to be associated with the AGS and its brand. We understand donating is an emotional act. If you are like most, you connect more to personal stories than statistics or broad statements. Look at our website and you can put a human face to our facts and statistics, and get to the heart of the matter.

8. We have caught your attention.

You can see us online and on social media

Benefits Comparison Grid

Benefit Sponsorship Category
Flagship Platinum Gold Silver Bronze Monthly Partnership Event
$3,000.00 $1,500.00 $750.00 $400.00 $200.00 $100.00 $500.00
General Benefits
Branding on invitations and thank letters to monthly events. X X
Branding on the monthly newsletters X
Branding on quarterly newsletters X X X X X
Branding on the annual report X X X X
Branding on AGS Blog site X X X X X X
Special placement in the sponsor box on the main page, with banner and link X X
Placement on the Sponsor post, with banner and link X Top X Middle X Gold X Silver X Bronze Partner Designation
A Page devoted to your company and announcements just for you company X On Partner page
Conference/Event Benefits
Branding in/on event advertising (local media and print) X X
Your branding materials distributed X X X X
Special placement branding on printed program or brochure X X
Acknowledgment and opportunity to provide short address at the event closing X
Display your banner/sign in conference hall (Sponsor provides the banner or sign) X
Complimentary exhibition space X
Complimentary attendance for one delegate to a fee-based event/social functions X X
Your company’s brochure or information package in the event bag/folder X X X X X
Your company’s marketing items in the event bag/folder X X X X X X X
Advertise your company’s product to all participants X X
Have Signup sheet X