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Donating to A God Send

Ways to Give

Our Projects

There are many areas you can give to

Fresh Start

We provide a scholarship designed to facilitate the new life an individual who has successfully graduated from a live-in program addressing addiction, violent offending, general offending, and sex offending.

Fiscal Sponsorship

We provide sponsorship and organizational support to non-profits who do not yet have a 501(c)(3). We need more charities because there are so many needs in the community. Supporting another charity helps us fulfill our vision.


A God Send is not just our name but who we choose to be. We believe crime and violence committed is not remedied by incarceration alone, but rather by “targeting the changeable characteristics of offenders”. We fund the coaching.

Family Counseling

The family is the foundation for the world. There are times when families face difficulties and need intervention. We fund organization who provide the counseling to at risk families. The counselors understand the many factors that affect families.


When you become a partner or a sponsor, you have a unique opportunity to specifically target the project or activity you want to support. We are grateful for your passion for our mission and desire to work with us to make a difference. We can not repay you for your gifts, but we can show our appreciation.

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